1. The Glass : Only European high quality glass!

    Slides : German, high quality float glass (very flat, free of blow holes, tight tolerances)

    • extremely low flatness/thickness deiation
    • no re-edjusting necessary when microscoping.
    • no jamming/breaking within magazinest!
    • 100% wettability = perfect smears (non - adhesive slides)
    • very low auto-fluorescence

    Cover Glass : For our cover slips we only use borosilicate glass of hydrolytical class 1 (no stretched window glass as most of the Chiness products.) The chemical resistance is totally different and much higher. This glass will not blur over time (archiving = CE conformity!).
    Our products work perfectly with coverslipping machiness because of the special treatment and the precise measurements.
    New: We use the "green" version of borosilicate glass where the toxic components were replaced with environment friendly substances.

  2. The Quality System : German, automated production process!

  3. Automation :

    The use of the modern robot technology and European raw materials guarantees an excellent quality through all the production steps and all products.

    Quality Systems :

    Especially developed slide paint for the Leica IPS and Sakura AutoWrite systems
    Every Lot no. is tested on a AutoWrite system regarding print quality and chemical resistance
    Besides the ISO and CE/IVD certifications, there are many on-line and off-line quality steps to assure any non-conformity is detected and sorted out, so the customers do not have to worry about the product but their patients/analysis.

  4. The portfolio : The right consumables for every equipment/application!

  5. Many different slide types available:

    Edge types:

    From low budget (cut edges) to high end coatings (advanced adhesive)...
    Cleanly cut edges : low budget Ground edges 90°,45° or bevelled edges Clipped corners for less glass chips and no jamming issues

    Clor frosting :

    Color writing surface is extremely chemical resistant (no flaking off) Multiple colors available Different specifications to siuit various equipment i.e. Sakura AutoWrite®

    Leica IPS®, Sysmex™ etc.

    Coatings : Different coatings : Adhesive, Advanced adhesive, Poly-l-lysine

  6. The Know-How : We are the specialist!

  7. Product Portfolio :

    The only products we manufacture are microscope slides and cover slips. We are the second largest manufacturer in the world.  We offer all different types of slides including color frosted, adhesive coated (positively charged) and diagnostic slides.
    Special products like the "Printer Slides" were developed in close cooperation with the major equipment manufacturers i.e. Leica, Sakura and Sysmex.
    Our coated slides have proved their quality for over 20 years. Different coatings are available to cover all protocols and equipments.
    Different edge types for different applications-Cut, ground 90°, ground 45°, bevelled, clipped corners etc.
    A large variety of Diagnostic slides with Teflon paint are available too. 100% wettable or coated surface, , whatever is needed. custom slides, including the company logo can be realized too.
    The whole range of cover glass products are available, round, square and rectangular.