For All Your Disinfection Needs in IVF Laboratories With Oosafe Disinfectant for CO2 Incubators and Laminar Flow Hoods, Oosafe Surface Disinfectant, Oosafe Hand Disinfectant and Oosafe Disinfection Wipes.

  • Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Disinfectants are designed for IVF laboratory use.
  • Bactericide, fungicide (Candida), alg cide and selectively virucide.
  • Each lot is MEA tested.
  • No alcohol, no smell, no VOC release.
  • Oosafe®  IVF Laboratory Disinfectants can be used until expiry date even after opening the security seal of the bottle.
  • Each disinfectant has security seal which serves:
    a-Safe transportation: No spill while in transportation.
    b-Quality Assurance: No external factor, you are the first person opening the bottle.
  • IVF use approved by scientific studies and customer feedback.
  • Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Disinfectants have been used by leading IVF clinics in more than 65 countries.
  • Long shelf life, expire 3 years after manufacturing.


      Top quality plasticware is approved by scientists and supported by the test results for each lot.

  • Made of Medical Grade USP VI Tested Raw Materials: Polystyrene (Dishes) and Polypropylene (Sperm Collection Cup and Centrifuge Tube)
  • One cell Mouse Embryo Assay Tested (MEA ≥ 80 % Blastocyst)
  • Non-pyrogenic, Endotoxin Tested (LAL ≤ 0.03 EU/mL)
  • Human Sperm Survival and Mortality Tested (SMI ≥ 0.75)
  • DNase and RNase Free
  • Clear Microscope Image
  • Excellent Thermal Transfer on Heated Stage
  • Easy Grip Design 
  • Sterile with Gamma Irradiation
  • Manufactured and Sterilized in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified Facility
  • CE marked


Oosafe® Air Cleaner KN is an advanced equipment designed for IVF Laboratory use which purifies air against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chemically Active Compounds (CACs), particles, microorganisms, toxins, solvents and odor.

  • Better Air Quality, Better Embryo Development
  • More Activated Carbon, More VOC Removal Capacity
  • No Chemicals Inside
  • Pure Activated Carbon, Only Way To Trap VOCs
  • 45 Degree Blowing
  • Bigger HEPA Filter
  • Alarm Function
  • Low Noise Level
  • Initial Filter Set -FREE
  • Approved by Scientists
  • Adjustable and Accurate Air Speed Level
  • No Waste of Money in Replacement Filters
  • Easy to Service


     Oosafe® Filter is an inline filter used in between CO2 incubators and gas sources to purify incoming CO2, N2 and premixed gas against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chemically Active Compounds (CACs), bacteria, odor, dust and more.

  • Unmatched VOC Removing Capacity: Micro Carbon Technology provides bigger activated carbon surface area and uniform gas flow through filter, resulted in extremely high amount of VOC purifying capacity for longer time period.
  • Better Gas Quality, Better Embryo Development: Purified CO2 N2 and premixed gas results in better emryo development because embryos have no immune system.
  • VOCs and Bacteria: As a result of the composition of pure activated carbon and HEPA filter, beside long term VOC removing capacity it also trap bacteria for 3 months.
  • High Quality: Manufactured and tested in Clean Room Envinroment according to cGMP under strict rules for IVF use.
  • Pure Materials for IVF use: Capsule and inside materials are safe to use in IVF laboratories.
  • Approved by Scientists: Oosafe® Filter has been used for many years in well-known IVF clinics all over the world as the gas purification tool.
  • No Chemicals Inside: No chemicals used inside, chemicals may have negative effect on embryo development.
  • Quality Control: Each filter is tested in Clean Room Environment with Automated Quality Testing Device which eliminated human errors.
  • Packing: Each filter is individually packed and served as four pieces in a sealed cardboard box including Certificate of Conformity and Instructions for Use.


     Oosafe® Cryoware series of products are designed to make embryologists' and biologists' daily routine jobs easier, faster and safer.


Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Garment is made of hi-tech cleanroom fabric which has carbon fiber on weft. Special carbon fiber warrants no VOC and smell release while giving better antistatic function.

Innovative soft touch with moisture management finished fabric filter particles up to 65 % (0.3 μ) and 72 % (0.5 μ).

Oosafe®IVF Laboratory Garment is made of breathable fabric so that passing through air eliminates the risk of condensation and deflects airborne dust from accumulation on the cloth surface.

Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Garment offers you:

- VOC free fabric
- Comfort
- Particle and smell barrier
- High durability
- Antistatic protection
- Low linting
  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Standards